How to Build Your 1000 True Fans – Cell Phone Filmmakers Guide

The famous 1000 True Fans post is a classic. It states that with 1000 crazy fanatic fans you can make a comfortable living whether it’s a cell phone film, music album, book, or anything else.  But just how do you build that list of 1000. Below are some posts from bloggers on how to do exactly that.


101 Steps Toward 1000 True Fans (**This was my favorite post because it had specific ideas of how to create value and be personable with each of your fans so they feel emotionally invested in you and your projects)


The Secret to Attracting 1000 True Fans


20-Step Process For Finding Your 1000 True Fans





The 1 Day Feature Film Shoot for the Cell Phone Filmmaker ($1000 Budget)

Dov Simens is one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met in the industry. He probably wouldn’t remember me, but he made a real impression on me.  Such an amazing man who runs the 2 Day Film School that helped launch so many well-known filmmakers. It’s just common sense filmmaking that goes against the grain, against everything we’ve been taught we’re supposed to do.

Has an online class and blog and one of my favorite things he teaches is about the 1 Day, Real-Time Feature Film Shoot. This is when you shoot pretty much a play, one location.  This is perfect for mobile filmmaking.  Here’s a link to more information.

Tangerine – The iPhone Filmmaker Sensation


I thought I’d post everything I can find about Tangerine since it’s likely to spark a huge movement of cell phone filmmakers. Riding the transgender trend, this critically acclaimed film has ridden the wave all the way to success while truly plucking heartstrings and opening minds about this discriminated group. There have been many films made from cell phones before, but this one is getting the most attention and will likely create an even greater indie filmmaker movement for mobile filmmaking.

How the Filmmakers Behind Sundance Hit ‘Tangerine’ Shot on an iPhone & Got Cinematic Results

How one of the best films at Sundance was shot using an iPhone 5S

Sean Baker Talks ‘Tangerine,’ and Making a Movie With an iPhone

Tangerine: the film that takes trans issues mainstream, on an iPhone

The App That Made it Possible to Shoot Sundance Hit ‘Tangerine’ on an iPhone

Watch: Why Shooting ‘Tangerine’ on an iPhone Made Perfect Sense

Sundance Shocker: Sean Baker’s Tangerine Was Shot Entirely on iPhone 5s

Here’s how a filmmaker shot his critically-acclaimed movie using just an iPhone

We may soon see the first Oscar-worthy movie shot on an iPhone

How to make a movie with an iPhone, as taught by the director of Tangerine

Tangerine is a big deal, not just because it was shot on an iPhone

How to make a movie with an iPhone: An interview with Tangerine director Sean Baker

Youtube links to videos about Tangerine here


** Quick Review ** It tells the story of a transgender girl who finds out that her boyfriend may have cheated on her. She spends the whole film tracking him down and the girl he cheated on with. By the end, when she finds him, there’s a show down and a twist we weren’t expecting.

This is an important film in the LGBT movement. The cinematography may not be perfect, some of the pacing may feel slow at times, the ending sucks because it takes more of a European-style non-happy ending, but it will go down not only as an important step in LGBT advancement, but also mobile filmmaking. I wouldn’t be surprised if it receives some type of Academy Award recognition/nominations because of this. If it had been the exact same story, but not starred transgender actors, would it get this type of recognition? Probably not, only within the indie filmmaking community. Yet it’s also inspiring to see just how accessible mobile filmmaking has become and the possibilities of success you can achieve.  Overall, I give the film about a B.

What I love is that the FiLMiC Pro app that was used as well as the cell phone resolution have advanced dramatically since it was first shot. It would not surprise me if within 5 years, an average cell phone camera can rival the quality of today’s RED camera.

Jason Blum’s Tips to Filmmakers – Cell Phone Filmmaking Tips

Jason Blum's 5 Tips for Low-Budget Filmmaking Success

Jason Blum, the king of low-budget horror blockbusters, gave some great tips on filmmaking here. They are deceptively simple but true and easily dismissed.

Here are the highlights:

  1. Work with people. Do more than just give and take orders.
  2. Work with the same people. If not always, then as often as you can.
  3. Be flexible.
  4. Have fun.
  5. Don’t chase “what’s hot” — just focus on what you like.

Mark Duplass on the $3 Weekend Cell Phone Movie

Mark Duplass is this generation’s Ed Burns, Kevin Smith and Spike Lee filmmaker. One of my favorite parts of this speech he gave at South By Southwest is where talks about shooting the weekend short film on your cell phone and also the $1000 (one thousand dollar) full-length feature film. Excellent information.